Acupuncture works by stimulating points located on specific pathways- called meridians.  Each point has many specific actions within the channel, the area of the body, & the organ systems. Activating these points stimulates a healing response of the brain and central nervous system.

The medicine of acupuncture, body work and guided visualization allows our physical, emotional and energetic bodies to shift into parasympathetic which is known as “rest and digest.” Here, in this relaxed state, we shift into the receptive mode, our energy system reorients into balance and almost always when we shift out of this state (as the end of a session) - we feel far more internal resources and balance.

It’s blissful, you guys! We call it “acu bliss” when you leave a session for a reason!

My patients report feeling recharged, balanced, relieved, hopeful, supported, relaxed & reset after their sessions. 

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