Kat Starbird LAc, has been in the birth world for the last decade. Attending more than 130 doula births, Specializing in acupuncture during birth, birth preparation, labor induction and postpartum support. She is passionate about supporting mama, babe and partner.

Regardless of your birth preferences or plan, acupuncture prepares your body for birth. It relaxes, balances and energizes your body, softens the cervix, energizes the uterine receptors, releases anxiety, supports position of baby, and stimulates the already occurring cocktail of birthing hormones.

It is powerful and supportive. As is being held and seen by your acupuncturist and unraveling fears, anxieties, grief, stories, etc. We release a lot during birth prep!

Here’s the scoop - BABY INITIATES LABOR! We prepare you are best we can, they start the dance. Surrender is the magic ingredient.

Week 32 birth preparation beings! Weekly sessions until you meet your babe.

Prepare Cervix, Uterus & Pelvis for Labor, Support Natural Process of Spontaneous Labor Initiation, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Release Tension, Reduce Pelvic or Back Pain, Shorten Length of Labor, Help Descend Baby, Soften Ligaments, Promotes Optimal Position of Baby, Increase Energy.

What about labor induction acupuncture? Whats the difference?

Birth preparation acupuncture is offered to all pregnant mamas regardless of birth preferences or plan. It is not an intervention, rather a supportive preparation for the body, mind and spirit. The more out of balance, the more I urge you to prioritize it. For real! Ask your OB or midwife if they haven’t already sent you in. It’s a game changer.

Here’s how it works. Spontaneous labor occurs when baby is ready. It is 100% normal and safe for baby to come naturally between week 38 and 42. We know that a head fully engaged and on the cervix is most effective once contractions begin. We know this is how most spontaneous labors occur. We know initiating labor (medical inductions) before baby has dropped or the birthing hormones are fully flowing, causes load of trouble. Yes, some babies adjust and induced labors go smoothly and vaginally. However, we also know any and all interventions lead to higher likelihood of secondary interventions and cesarean birth with come with serious risk.

THIS IS WHY we do birth preparation with all women.

We have the ability to release muscles and tension that hold baby high and pelvis tense. We have the ability to optimize position and soften the cervix. We have the ability to clear and release emotional and energetic trauma, stories, etc that hold us tight and keep us out of our heart, hips and womb. There is so much we can do with acupuncture, body work and intuitive counsel, to mindfully prepare.

The rest is in the surrender.

If you have a scheduled medical induction or sense there’s something preventing the initiation of labor :

Labor induction acupuncture can be scheduled 3-5 days prior to that induction or during the 41st if necessary. Until then, there is no need to overstimulate- rather we support the natural process with birth preparation acupuncture. 

Come in and we’ll access exactly what you and baby need.