How Will My Birth Doula Support Me During My Cesarean Birth?

The role of a birth doula is to emotionally, spiritually, and physically support mother, baby, and partner during the entire birth, and a few hours postpartum. A doula will facilitate resources for the postpartum year. She will facilitates the communication between mother and partner, and between parents and health care providers, or family members. Regardless of your birth plan, a doula will hold the sacred space for mom, partner and baby through the entire birth.

A doula does not choose your birth preferences, or judge those preferences. 
She is there to support YOU! In whatever way you desire. 

So how will my doula support me during a cesarean birth? 

Before or during the birth:

  • Help you create your birth preferences. Yes, you still have these even with a cesarean! For example, skin to skin when baby is born, delayed cord clamping, music selection during birth, would you like things to be explained as they unfold, would you like partner to go with baby, should baby need care outside of the birth room. Here is an example of a cesarean birth plan .
  • Facilitate resources for parents in creating a postpartum plan that is sure to support mama's recovery.  
  • Support partner while mom is being prepped for cesarean.  In many cases partner will not be allowed in the operating room while mom is being prepped. This can be scary. We've got you. 
  • Communicate with baby before, during, and after cesarean. Or encourage mom or partner to. Let baby know exactly what is happening and why. 
  • Help mom take the necessary action required to ensure doula can be present in the operating room. Different hospitals have different policies. Even if you are not planning on a cesarean, I highly recommend getting this paper work filled out during the third trimester. 
  • Hold the sacred space for mother, baby and partner
  • Talk parents through the process, remind them what is normal and what is happening.
  • Take pictures, call family, take notes to share the story with family at the postpartum visit. 
  • Prepare a song, sing with parents as baby is being born! Or play song on CD/ipod.
  • Give mom and/or partner permission to feel sadness, grief, etc. Hold the space for mom, especially if an unplanned cesarean. 
Immediately Postpartum:

  • Re-establish LOVE. 
  • Help facilitate skin on skin when baby is born. With mom or partner, depending on circumstances. 
  • Hold sacred space for mother and baby to connect. 
  • Stay with mom as she is transferred to recovery room.
  • Help mom with positioning of baby. 
  • Support mom and partner in whatever way they need!
Postpartum Home Visit:
  • Share birth story. Listen.
  • Discuss postpartum preferences and remind mom and partner what is normal for this time period. 

There you have it! A brief summary of what a doula will offer you, your beloved and your baby at your cesarean birth!

Much love and blessing to you on your birth journey.