Our Philosophy of Medicine

We believe holistic, individualized care is optimal to restore health and wellness. We believe in the innate healing ability of the human body. Because of this we take the time to understand the dynamic mental, emotional and physical relationships within the body. This allows us to better understand and address our patients root imbalances. We are committed to offering quality healthcare, creating a nurturing environment, and holding the space to facilitate healing.

For me, practicing medicine began as a deep desire and calling to help others. It has wildly transformed into a constant journey of self-discovery. Practicing medicine allows me to stay in my center, to stay connected to mama earth and intuition, to be a student (forever) and challenge myself intellectually and spiritually. My patients, on their own healing journey, offer such rich wisdom to me. Practicing medicine bring me joy, and this, my patients feel.
— Kat Starbird, LAc, M.Ac.O.M.

Our intention at Starbird Women's Health Clinic, is to listen and understand our patients and thier experiece. To facilitate the reconnection of mind, body and spirit- balancing the creative energy flow, and supporting patients in reclaiming health. For a lot of people this translates into feeling better, getting pregnant, releasing trauma, relieving IBS, etc. We do address symptoms, we address the root of pathology and perhaps most importantly we address an energetic, intuitive place where an abundance of healing takes place. We encorporate the elements, the seasons and the wise and ancient traditions of this medicine. The layout of our website represents a disease-based model in hopes to express that Chinese medicine has the ability to treat every system of the body, on many levels. Though our approach remains individualized and holistic. 

We are grateful to be practicing this medicine, and offering our patients results and a new sense of wellness.

We look forawrd to working with you.