Tiffany Hill, LMT

Somewhere between the lines of being pressured to "fit the mold" and the catalyst of change offered from finally graduating out of the western school system if classrooms, desks, and standardized tests I stumbled upon my authentic self, buried somewhere deep in the Costa Rican jungle. An intense, yet short-lived four months of massage school, nestled on the Guanacaste shores of the Pacific Ocean taught me more about myself than I was equipped to process in such a short time- so I went deeper into the jungle and also received my 200 hour yoga teacher certificate. First and foremost, I learned that I am a very gifted and talented healer with strong hands and a passion for working with the energetic body, entities and philosophies which surround us all in our day to day lives.

I have a relaxing yet strong touch that encourages a deep release of the muscles and tendons from the inside out through deep-tissue, myofascial release, trigger-point and compressions and light stretching- but my truest passions lie beyond the physical bodywork and out into the subtle bodies and beyond where I'm able to use my gifts in a way that excites and drives me to continue on the spiritual journey of this lifetime using cranial-sacral therapy, intuition, Reiki, aromatherapy, and a desire to expand my education and offerings to include knowledge of crystal healing, sound healing, Ayurvedic wellness, and nutritional and shamanic herbal practices.

It is my deepest desire that in the future, we will all be able to live our lives as healthy, sustainable, high-energy, conscious beings whom rely on food, herbs, and self-care methods to feel whole and authentic rather than drowning out the challenges of life through other, less healthy methods that keep our bodies under stress and our energy levels lethargic. I am committed to playing my part in the conscious-living revolution as we learn to thrive together with Mother Earth.

"The sun shine's laughter when we live as one, And there's peace for those who believe in love." - The Beatles