Kat Starbird, LAc, M.Ac.O.M
Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Birth Doula

Women's health specialist, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and birth doula. Kat’s passion is all things mama + baby. She is inspired by educating, empowering and supporting women on their journey to living the life they desire.

It is her belief that healthcare is a human right and she is always growing and expanding into new ways of sharing medicine and knowledge that empowers women and families to be their own best healers.

Expect to leave feeling held, heard and understood. I left my first session with more clarity and a plan. I felt hope was ignited. We laughed a lot and I felt safe to truly share my story of loss and infertility.
— M.J.
I am a healer archetype. A birth keeper. An intuitive. A healthcare provider. A believer. A mama (to a dog… but give me a minute). I believe in birth. I believe in equality & human rights. I believe in holding the space to facilitate healing. I believe suffering is a catalyst to profound growth. I believe when you focus on healing, healing happens, & when you focus on disease, it does not. I believe in your ability to heal, & in the power of Chinese medicine. I am wildly passionate about empowering men, women & families & offering the resources to create the life you desire. I believe LOVE is the ultimate medicine & the highest vibration.
— Kat Starbird