Pregnancy is a time of growth and change! We’re here to support % bring balance to mind, body & spirit & to answer your 4 million questions that may arise… We’ve been there!

Our philosophy of pregnancy is rooted in creating an intentional connection with our bodies and our babies, every step of the way. For many of us pregnancy is a time or initiation of being full present with ourselves and our growing babes. From listening to what we need to eat and when we need to rest, to dropping into meditation to feel, hear and sense what our growing baby needs.

It’s a magical time really. That said, sometimes it feels far less than magic… and that’s where our sessions come in.

It is common to experience a wide variety of sensations or discomforts during pregnancy. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, reiki and body work are a gentle & natural option to re-balance and reset your vibe.

Pregnancy symptoms to relieve

Abnormal Bleeding, Anxiety, Fatigue, Pregnancy Back Pain, Breech Presentation, Constipation, Pregnancy Depression, Diarrhea, Pregnancy Edema, Pregnancy Fatigue, Pregnancy Hip & Pelvic Pain, Insomnia, Labor Induction & Birth Preparation, Morning Sickness