Vitamins & Minerals During Pregnancy & Postpartum

Consuming whole foods, rich in vitamins and minerals is preferred over supplements, as food is much easier and more absorbable than supplements. Of course there are cases where we are so deficient we simply can’t consume enough foods to fulfill the requirement. In these cases good quality supplement are recommended.

Food as Medicine:


I do recommend a prenatal supplement to my patients. Along with eating a healthy diet. My favorite is Thorne- Basic Prenatal

·      Vit C
o   cabbage, bell peppers, broccolis, sprouts, parsley, rose hips, and almost all fruits and veggies
·      Probiotics
o   fermented foods or supplements
·      Calcium
o   bone broths, raw milk products, legumes, wakame, kelp, kombu, dried wheat grass or chloryphyll
·      B 12
o   liver, fish, eggs (soft boiled), organic meat
·      B 6
o   Bananas, raw milk dairy products, eggs, whole grains
·      DHA
o   cod liver oil, eggs, liver
·      Zinc
o   red meat, liver, veggies
·      Folate
o   beans, liver, egg, green veggies
·      Vit A
o   cod liver oil, eggs, butter, fresh carrot juice
·      Vit D
o   cod liver oil, eggs, butter, lard
·      Iron
o   blackstrap molasses, red meat, eggs, nuts, seeds

·      Iodine
o   seaweed, seafood, butter, most veggies, whole grains

POSTPARTUM (refer to food list above)

·      B 12
o   Very important to supplement if mother is vegetarian.
·      Iodine & Iron
o   Brain development. Essential for mothers with Thyroid disorders to supplement. Especially if mothers has low milk supply.
·      Vitamin D
o   Deficiency leads to rickets.
·      Vitamin A
o   Necessary for development of infant.
·      Magnesium
o   must be adequate for calcium absorption. Calms the mind and relaxes muscles.
·      Fat
o   grass fed meat, raw milk dairy, coconut oil, butter, avocado, nuts
·      Vitamin C
o   aids in iron absorption, strengthen immune system
·      Choline
o   essential for the development of the nervous system and brain.
o   Egg yolk (soft boiled is best), liver

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Kat Starbird, M.Ac.O.M., L.Ac., birth doula