Here's the thing : Stress hormones wreck havoc on our bodies.

Seriously. Damaging cells, deregulating the central nervous system, creating hormonal imbalance, etc. I’m sure you've heard of fight or flight. Yes? Think tension, anxiety, racing heart, constant thoughts firing, excessive or low appetite, insomnia, irritability, inability to focus, pain, illness, etc.

Most of us are managing very busy lives and Our baseline is a dance between balancing work life & personal life. Plus... the fast pace of today's online, tech savvy, multitasking life... it is A LOT to manage. Most of us are depleted, needing a boost or at best seeking self care and balance!

Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, which stimulate our parasympathetic system: rest & digest. It is here, that our bodies are able to relax, heal & (re)balance. Not to mention the individualized acupuncture points we use to treat your specific imbalance, energetic blocks, discomfort, symptoms, or illness. Bringing your body & spirit back into balance & optimal functioning.


Trying to get into your creative zone? Have a deadline? Sometimes we're in our flow, the ideas, inspirations & creations come, they just show up and guide us. SOMETIMES.... the stress & pressure of life block or cloud our flow. We all know what it feels like to be in our flow.

Stimulating our parasympathetic system, clearing out energetic blockages & tapping into life force energy is a brilliant (natural & healthy) means to get "in the flow".

Take time to get into the flow

Come get a reset and leave in the receiving mode. It’s a certain kind of bliss.